Saturday, January 17, 2009

Laughing Out Loud

How to begin? And where for that matter? I'm constantly being encouraged to write more, and have been told that I write well. I hate taking part in trends, tending to go against the grain, or encourage those who do, as often as possible. I especially hate taking part in trends late, but here I am, blogging, like the rest of the world. Forgive me.

The title of of this blog The Man Who Laughs comes from a novel by Victor Hugo, but is probably not as obscure a title as I would hope thanks in large part to Batman. The main character in the novel, Gwynplaine, is a disfigured and tragic hero, whose facial disfigurement inspired the Joker character, who, as we all know was not a hero, but a psychopath. The similarities between the two characters are purely superficial.

I, however, didn't choose the title because I enjoyed the book (I've yet to read it, I admit) or because I feel I share some qualities with Gwynplaine (maybe The Joker though, but another time...) but rather, because a quote I enjoy by Horace Walpole, stating, "This world is a comedy to those that think, a tragedy to those that feel," which neatly sums up my attitude towards the world- I'd much rather think, and find the comedy, however dark, in life than spend my time crying over it's tragedy.

Here at The Man Who Laughs, I'll be recording any random mental ejaculations that come to mind along with some topical splurging as well (hopefuly more of the latter than the former) including, but not limited to my thoughts on the two topics most often discussed, and most likely to instigate an argument amongst my family - politics and religion, as well as musings on the media, pop culture, movies, music, and literature.

I don't know if this experiment will bear any fruit. I pray that it does and that it might lead to more publishable works in the future. Here's to hoping.

In the next entry, I'll put down a little bit about myself, who I am, and how I became the person that I am now.

-C. McEnroy

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